Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Green Sofa...

I think I must have this Green Sofa from Urban Outfitters. It reminds me of the Santa Maria del Fiore... sigh, I miss Italy.

What Dreams are Made of...

Thank goodness its Fall.... =PIE TIME!

'Colliding Forces' Video

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Girl in an Old House...

So its no secret that I'm planning a big move within the next 2 weeks....I've been "moving" for about 2 months now, but Its taking me much longer than expected.  You see, Im actually sorta flipping a house at the moment... my mothers old home where she grew up in with my Grandmother and Great Grandma needs to be rented out, and I need to be renting so...  In the beginning mom's words were, "If we can all put at least 3 solid days of cleaning in, it should be ready." 

Well my friends, 3 days turned into 3 months, but the time is almost near, I can smell the fresh paint in the autumn breeze! (ok, not really) but dad and I did finish painting yesterday (my room is a Behr mix looks like ice, a light grey base with tints of blue), which may have been the happiest moment in this whole process.  So, now its on to what I've been looking forward to doing...the Interior Design. YES. So, as I journey through this process...the process of furniture thrifting coupled with multiple IKEA trips, researching the rules of feng shui, and cat proofing the pad for my little black cat Amani (we call her Monroe, cause shes such adiva)...  

...I'll be keeping a photo diary. Yay. Stay Tuned.

Amani/Mani/Monroe: The ultimate Diva Cat, waiting for her new home to be ready...Clearly you cant look royalty in the eyes

Photo 55 

Mineral by Behr: Click Here, and you may have to calibrate your monitor to see the true color... ugh, dont get me into color issues with computers...I get so aggrivated. Thats why I painted my walls this neutral-grey-ish-color.  Its pretty crucial when doing any computer aided graphics projects in order to properly see the colors on your screen...


Monday, October 5, 2009


So, if you're from Philly or South Jersey, or just a lover of ah...ehem, "Neo-Soul" I'm sure you will remember a little club downtown called, "The 5 Spot".    The 5 Spot was/is a place with a performance stage area upstairs, and a club/bar atmosphere downstairs.  Many greats of our time have started out doing shows here, including Musiq Soulchild and Jill Scott.  I believe it burned down a few years ago but... 

Anywhooo, before then a bunch of talented women musicians had a monthly show there called the Black Lily.  This is how I came to know one of my ultimate favorite groups.... theJazzyfatnastees...or endearingly called by my sister and I, "the Jazzy's"  Either way, I've always been the young one of the group, and so I never actually got a chance to go to Black Lily, because at the time I wasn't 21, and no I didn't have a fake.  smh. Either way a few years down the line after the Black Lily set fizzled out I had the opportunity to see the Jazzy's perform at World Cafe.  EXCITEMENT.  I went. I listened (uhhh, better yet, was entranced) and afterward, a good friend of mine had the bright idea that I go introduce myself and say hello.  

I knew it was a bad idea.  I said bright, as in innovative, not good.  

Oh well, I went against my better judgement, and walked over to one of the ladies, and proceeded to say hello, but I scared her (since she knew not that I was behind her)...and this ensued a chain reaction of her turning around, bumping into me, and spilling RED WINE all over her WHITE outfit. The rest of this story is unnecessary to tell, or rather yet, too embarrassing.  They are still my favorite group. However, I've constantly debated on wearing a disguise the next time I go to a concert.  

You, however really should check out their music, and when you do...think of me, SBG, the big scare and the fallin wine.  You're sure to get a chuckle or two. -SBG